Judicial Vacancy – London (Criminal Law)

Posted on:
September 18, 2022

The Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee is soliciting your assistance to ensure that qualified members of the Bar are aware of upcoming judicial vacancies.

Attached is a copy of the advertisement and which I would ask you to bring to the attention of your eligible lawyers.

NEW ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS – As of August 12, 2020, the Application Form submission instructions have changed, as indicated in the advertisement.  As well, all candidates are now required to submit the current Judicial Candidate Information Form each time they apply for a judicial vacancy.  Applying by short letter within 12 months of submitting the application form is no longer accepted.

Interested parties may obtain information on the Committee’s current policies, selection criteria and process and the current Judicial Candidate Information Form at:  https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/jaac/.

Additionally, anyone wishing to receive email notification of judicial vacancies can register for this service at:  https://www.ontariocourts.ca/ocj/jaac/judicial-vacancy/vacancy-postings/.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this regard.

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