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Current Events

Advanced Administrative Law & Practice

Oct 26, 2022 9:00 AM
Oct 27, 2022 4:00 PM

Hosted by the Canadian Institute, the 2ndAnnual Advanced Administrative Law & Practice conference returns foranother exciting year with curated programming that will address the mostcritical challenges affecting professionals working in the administrative andregulatory sectors.

Taking place on October 26 – 27, 2022 at Sheraton Ottawa Hotel, this year’s conference is co-chaired by Michael H. Morris, Senior GC at Justice Canada and Lori Sterling, Senior Counsel at Bennett Jones and former Associate Deputy Minister Justice Canada.

Additional highlights include:

·      Keynote address presented by Marie-Claude Landry Ad. E., Chief Commissioner at Canadian Human Rights Commission.

·      Ensuring Procedural Fairness for Self-Represented Litigants: How Administrative Bodies Can Walk the Line Between Passive and Active Participants

·      Meeting The Duty to Accommodate Mandate and Ensuring Access to Justice Amid Technology Barriers in Virtual Courtroom Proceedings

·      Privacy and Confidentiality Versus the Open Court Principal: Determining When the Open Court Policy Applies and to Whom

·      How to Balance Oversight Deliberative Process Privilege While Ensuring Board and Tribunal Members Adhere to High Standards of Conduct

·      How Administrative Bodies Can Reduce Barriers to Hiring and Retaining Effective Employees and Maximize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Best Practices under the Public Service Employment Act Amendments

Join senior executives and members of administrative tribunals, their legal counsel, government, agency, and commission lawyers, and more, as they share critical insights and best practices for ensuring access to justice in an ever-evolving technical world.

The CHBA has partnered with the Canadian Institute (CI) to provide one* CHBA Student Member a scholarship to attend the CI’s 22nd Annual Conference on Advanced Administrative Law & Practice on October 26-27th.(*with an option for a second student if there is significant interest amongst our student members)

To be considered for this scholarship, please note the following:

  • To apply, you must be a current law student, articling student, or judge’s clerk and CHBA Member
  • You must submit a “Statement of Interest” to by September 7th, 2022, 11:59 PM EST. In this Statement of Interest, please outline your interest in administrative law and how attending this event would be beneficial to you. The maximum word limit for this is 250 words.
  • Please confirm in your Statement of Interest whether you are available to attend the two-day event in Ottawa. All applications and attendance preferences will be considered.

The CHBA Board will select and announce the scholarship winner(s) by September 16th, 2022. Good luck to those applying!

View the agenda and speakers on CI’s website and register today!

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