Canadian Hispanic
Bar Association

We are Canada's Hispanic & Latin American legal community.

By delivering quality professional advocacy and events, we help our members:
• Celebrate the uniqueness of the Hispanic & Latin American legal community;
• Access connections and peer support;
• Advocate for their interests and those of our community;
• Prepare for an ever changing legal environment; and
• Grow their business.

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Latest News & Articles

CHBA & LSO: Hispanic Heritage Month Event, October 2022

Published on:
October 28, 2022
Published on:
November 10, 2022

Thank you to the three-hundred+ attendees of our annual Hispanic Heritage Month event (in collaboration with the Law Society of Ontario)!

This event took place on October 13, 2022, and it was moderated by CHBA Events Director, Mildred Bolanos-Lopez. Atrisha Lewis provided us with welcoming remarks on behalf of the LSO and CHBA President, Mario Torres, also gave a warm welcome and shared some of the CHBA's goals.

Our incredible Panelists Natalia Back Gosende, Paolo Solano, and Erika Serrano, highlighted the ongoing efforts by members of the Latin American and Hispanic legal community to protect the environment using legal systems in Canada and in Latin America!

Thank you all for making this event such a success!

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Canadian Hispanic Bar Association (CHBA) – University of Toronto Scholarship

Published on:
August 5, 2022
Published on:
August 5, 2022

This year, the CHBA helped to partially fund a Latin American/Hispanic student to attend one module of the Youth Summer Program at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law.

Thank you to our member, Rita Villanueva, for all your help with this project, and also to our valued Members who donated to support this cause!

Sophie G. was selected to participate in the program, as she has an interest in exploring the legal profession and the legal field in the areas of criminal law, law and politics, trial advocacy, corporate law and international law. She spoke to us about her experience:

“Hello! Thank you so much for this opportunity to participate in this program. I truly enjoyed every second of it and would recommend it to all of my friends interested in law!!
Being in this program confirmed my wish to pursue law, as it was so interesting hearing from a sitting justice and learning about different types of international law. I will never forget the memories or the people I met at this program.
I highly anticipate that I will be applying for more than one of these programs next year, because I can only imagine how cool the rest of the programs will be!!
Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity! I look forward to applying next year, and am grateful to the CHBA for paying part of my tuition.
All the Best.”
You can read more about this program, here:

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Introducing the 2022-2023 CHBA Board of Directors!

Published on:
Published on:
July 25, 2022

We are happy to report that we have had our elections and the positions for the 2022-2023 CHBA Board will be as follows:

Mario Torres - President

Fabian Suárez-Amaya - Secretary

Wanessa Oliveira - Treasurer

Victoria Romero - Mentorship Director

Natalia Rodriguez - Policy & Programs Director

Mildred Bolanos-Lopez - Events Director

Alanis Ortiz Espinoza - Communications Director

Luis Hernandez - Membership Director

We will be working diligently in our different capacities to continue making CHBA’s presence stronger. If you would like to participate in any of our projects, please reach out!

"It is truly humbling to return as President of the CHBA.

As many know, the CHBA is near and dear to my heart, and I am excited about where the organization is and where it is going.

This past year we cemented our presence in Quebec and have made tremendous strides supporting our student members.

This year we will continue to work towards increasing our presence across Canada and improving engagement with the membership.

I would like to thank Nadia Halum Arauz and Priscila Atkinson for their contributions as Directors, and welcome Mildred Bolanos-Lopez (our first Director from Quebec!) and Luis Hernandez to the Board."

- Mario Torres, President

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