Canada Lands Company Limited Chairperson

Posted on:
March 5, 2022

The Government of Canada has launched an open selection process for the chairperson of the Canada Lands Company Limited.

As such, we want to ensure that you and members of your community/professional networks and stakeholders are aware of this selection process and have the opportunity to participate. We encourage you to share the information on the notice of opportunity with those whom you feel may be suited for this position.

Canada Lands Company Limited is a federal Crown corporation with three subsidiaries:

1) Canada Lands Company CLC Limited manages, redevelops and sells federal lands on behalf of the Government of Canada to ensure that optimal financial and community value is realized from these assets and manages the CN Tower;

2) the Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc. owns the Old Port of Montréal and the Montréal Science Centre and

3) Parc Downsview Park Inc. owns Downsview Park (a former military base) in Toronto and sells the surrounding property for housing and commercial purposes.

Through community consultation and partnering with the private sector, Canada Lands Company Limited and its employees apply real estate expertise and creative property solutions to deliver lasting value for Canadians.

For a more complete description of the experience, knowledge and abilities required in this position and to apply online, please visit the Governor in Council Appointments Website.

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