We need your help to update our by-laws!

The CHBA last updated its by-laws in 2009 (ie 10 years ago!). As part of its strategic plan, the current Board has been very working hard this past year to draft updated by-laws. We reached out to you at our Town Hall last November and also through our membership survey earlier this year.The goal of the Special Meeting is to amend our by-laws to (a) make them easier to use and have them reflect our current governance structure, and (b) allow us to grow our membership and look forward to the future of the profession.It is important for us to ensure that we have clear guidelines on how to work as our organization gets bigger and to also ensure the ongoing financial viability of the CHBA (given that memberships are our main source of revenue).However, in order for the new by-laws to come effect, we need to call a Special Meeting and have our members vote on them.When is the Special Meeting?The CHBA’s Special Meeting will be taking place at the Ontario Bar Association on Thursday, April 11, 2019 @ 6pm (EST).Who can attend the Special Meeting?All current CHBA members can attend and vote at the April 11th special meeting.If you are not sure if your membership is still up-to-date, please email us at canadian.hispanic.bar.assoc@gmail.com.What if I can’t attend the Special Meeting in person?If you are unable to attend the Special Meeting, you can have another CHBA member who is physically present at the Meeting be your proxy. We will also have a Zoom line available if you would like to call in to listen and/or contribute to the discussion prior to advising your proxy how to vote.*Please note* – if you are designating a proxy, you must send us an email prior to the Meeting (canadian.hispanic.bar.assoc@gmail.com) to provide us of the name and email address of your proxy.What are we voting on?The first vote will be to clean up the by-laws and provide general governance updates – e.g. the number of CHBA directors.The next vote will be a series of votes on new, *proposed* membership categories – ie Friend, Corporation, Internationally Trained Lawyer (ITL), Licensed Paralegal, Paralegal Licensee Candidate, and Paralegal Student.*Please note* - these proposed membership categories do not have the same rights as other CHBA members – ie they cannot vote and cannot be on the CHBA Board.Will I be given anything to review before the Special Meeting?Yes. CHBA members will be sent copies of the old/proposed by-laws via email prior to the Special Meeting. We will also provide you with copies of the proposed motions that will be voted on at the Meeting.Questions?If you have any questions, please email us at canadian.hispanic.bar.assoc@gmail.com.

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