Update on April 12th Special Meeting re CHBA By-Laws

Unfortunately, we were unable to call our April 12th Special Meeting to order because we did not have sufficient quorum from CHBA members. The vote was adjourned to the CHBA AGM on July 4th.One of the issues with our existing by-laws is the 51% quorum requirement (!!!) to pass any binding resolutions. This presents quite a challenge, particularly as we look toward electing a new Board at our next AGM.In order to address the quorum issue, we will be having a committee of CHBA members contacting you by phone/email in advance of July 4th.We ask that if you are unable to attend the July 4th AGM, please designate that member or someone else from the CHBA as your proxy so that we can (a) call the July 4th meeting to order, (b) vote on the by-laws, and (c) elect a new CHBA Board.

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