CHBA Board Communication re CHBA uOttawa Chapter

The Canadian Hispanic Bar Association (“CHBA”) has partnered with University ofOttawa Faculty of Law students to establish a uOttawa Chapter of the CHBA (“CHBA uOttawa”).

CHBA uOttawa has two initial objectives. First, CHBAuOttawa will strive to serve the needs of Hispanic and Latin American/Latinx-identifyingstudents at the Faculty of Law through relationship building, networking, andmentoring. Second, the executive members of CHBA uOttawa and CHBA will collaborateon a national outreach strategy to identify and connect with Hispanic and LatinAmerican/Latinx-identifying law school students across Canada.

CHBA and CHBA uOttawa are aware of several existingHispanic and Latin American/Latinx law school associations and individuals acrossCanada. Our national outreach strategy will seek to build a rapport with theseassociations and individuals, and consolidate efforts in order to work with thelegal community, promoting diversity, self-identification and a greater senseof community and advocacy for Hispanic and Latin American/Latinx-identifyinglaw school students and professionals.

CHBA and CHBA uOttawa have developed severalinitiatives, including:

- a law school student mentorship program that will pair 1L students with upper-year students;

- a kickoff networking event inOctober 2021 which will be targeted towards Hispanic and Latin American/Latinx-Identifyinglaw school students;

- the creation of content forthe “student corner” page in CHBA’s official website to promote CHBA uOttawaand provide a broader range of resources to students; and

- planning of future events tocontinue engagement with Hispanic and Latin American/Latinx-Identifying lawschool students across Canada.

We are excited to be starting this new initiative.Current and future Hispanic and Latin American/Latinx-Identifying law schoolstudents are the future of the CHBA and will ensure the organization’s growth.Their support is imperative to both the enhancement of diversity in the legalcommunity and continued member engagement in our organization.



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