Introducing the 2021-2022 CHBA Board of Directors!

We are happy to report that we have had our elections and the positions for the 2021-2022 CHBA Board will be as follows:

Mario Torres - President

Fabian Suárez-Amaya - Secretary

Alanis Ortiz Espinoza - Treasurer

Priscila Jales P. Atkinson - Communications Director

Nadia Halum Arauz - Events Director

Wanessa Oliveira - Membership Director

Natalia Rodriguez - Policy & Programs Director

Victoria Romero - Mentorship & Students Director

We will be working diligently in our different capacities to continue making CHBA’s presence stronger. If you would like to participate in any of our projects, please reach out!

I am thrilled to lead the CHBA for the upcoming year. I first became a member as a second-year law student and to now work towards growing and strengthening our organization as its President is an honour.
The Board is committed to continuing to serve members and the communities we are a part of.
We look forward to a great year ahead and welcome any input or feedback you have.
- Mario

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